Who are we ? – France Biotech

Who are we ?


France Biotech is the association of French companies in the Life Sciences sector and their partners. Its mission is to contribute to domestic growth in this innovative industry and to support France’s leadership role within the European Life Sciences community.

More specifically, France Biotech acts as an engine of change by interacting with the government, economic organizations, academic institutions, the media and the investor community to ensure the prioritization of the Life Sciences sector in France and the improvement of the economic, legal, regulatory and managerial environments for this important industry.

France Biotech brings the key factors of success for a strong biotechnology industry:

- to energize and improve the financing of public and private R&D: France Biotech has supported the creation of the Research National Agency proposed by CSI and announced in early 2004 by the Government, and focus its budgets on the Life Sciences and Bio-nanosciences;

- to ensure the funding chain for young biotech companies :  France Biotech has developed and promoted the status of Young Innovative Company, the commitment of insurers invest an additional € 6 billion in innovative SMEs through venture capital funds, and finally the status of Young Listed Company (JEIC);

- to improve the managerial environment of companies by developing the exchange of best practices, training and networking of members and their industrial partners, investors, researchers, …

and finally improve the image of the life sciences in the public.

Board of directors

Président, Pierre-Olivier Goineau, President
Pierre-Olivier Goineau is the Chairman of France Biotech since February 2014 and was previously the CEO and co-founder of Erytech Pharma until January 2015. Pierre-Olivier Goineau was responsible “health / life sciences ” at KPMG Consulting where he intervened in companies of all sizes. He also founded and managed his own consulting firm in international development and project financing following a lobbyist experience he had with the European Commission on behalf of the Rhône- Alpes Region.

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Maryvonne Hiance, President of France Biotech

1. Maryvonne Hiance, President of France Biotech, Co-founder of OSE Immunotherapeutics
2. Michel Finance, Vice President of France Biotech, CEO, Theradiag
3. Patrick Guérin, Vice President and treasurer of France Biotech, CEO, Open Health
4. Alexandre Regniault, Vice President of France Biotech, Partner, Simmons and Simmons

5. Hervé Affagard, CEO, Maat Pharma
6. Hervé Balusson, CEO, Olmix
7. Sophie Baratte, CEO, Cellnovo
8. Christian Béchon, Managing Director, LFB
9. Dr Pierre-Henri Benhamou, CEO, DBV Technologies
10. David Caumartin, CEO, Theraclion
11. Alain Clergeot, Managing Director, Theravectys
12. Frédéric Desdouits, EVP Head of Corporate Business Development, Acquisitions and Market Intelligence (Pierre Fabre)
13. Eric Falcand, Alliance Director, Servier
14. Jean-Marc Gandon, CEO, Biotrial
15. Pierre-Olivier Goineau, President, Neuronax
16. Laurent Nguyen, CEO, Sensorion
17. Christian Policard, Associate Director, Biotech Développement Conseils
18. Miguel Sieler, Managing Director, Neovacs
19. Daniel Vial, Consultant
20. Christine Placet, Managing Director, Horama

Haude Costa, Secretary General

France Biotech currently has 150 members. Biotechnology companies members include the majority of the investments, employees and innovative products in the sector.